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Church Leadership

Presbyterian Churches are led at the local church level by a session, composed of the pastor and elders ("presbyterian comes from the New Testament word meaning "elder"). The session has primary responsibility of oversight of the local congregation.
Churches within a geographical region belong to a presbytery. The annual meeting of the ARP Church is called General Synod, which meets early each summer at the Bonclarken Conference Center in Flat Rock, North Carolina.

Reverend Dave Dively (Pastor Dave) is currently our pastor.

Now an ARP minister in the Mississippi Valley Presbytery, he previously was in the PCA and served at the PCA church in Louisville.  He may be contacted by email.



Ruling Elders Dale Kleinjan and Keith Kleinjan currently serve as Clerks of the Session​


Daniel Dively is currently serving as Deacon.​

Midlane Park Presbyterian Church

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